East End Beach Keepers Fellowship: Second Clean-up on the Rocks

The weather this October has been quite dry and comfortably warm. Saturday, the 12th was no exception.  My only fear was that I didn’t put the right address to the right parking lot to Anderson Park.  I picked up Camron at St. Basil’s at 8:15 and arrived at the Monitor Merrimac Overlook parking lot inContinue reading “East End Beach Keepers Fellowship: Second Clean-up on the Rocks”

Balloons as litter: a problem we can solve

I stumbled across an interesting article from Clean Waterways Virginia describing the nuisance of wasted balloons on our beaches and shorelines.  If you are planning an event, please refrain from any sort of balloon release.  Balloons as litter: a problem we can solve. Here are a couple of other links to articles about this problem: https://www.deq.virginia.gov/Programs/CoastalZoneManagement/CZMIssuesInitiatives/MarineDebris/MarineDebris-Balloons.aspx https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/md-politics/what-goes-up-comes-down-as-litter-balloon-releases-are-being-banned/2019/09/01/0f96b9c8-c9cd-11e9-a1fe-ca46e8d573c0_story.htmlContinue reading “Balloons as litter: a problem we can solve”

East End Beach Keepers Fellowship:  Prayer and Practice before Preaching

The next shoreline clean-up date for the Beach Fellowship will be Saturday, October 12th at Anderson Beach.  We will begin at 9:00 a.m. with the Third Hour Prayer.  From 9:30 to 11:45 is litter collection time.  We’ll end at 12 noon with Sixth Hour Prayer.  The prayers are Orthodox Christian and optional for anyone participatingContinue reading “East End Beach Keepers Fellowship:  Prayer and Practice before Preaching”

King-Lincoln Park: Recapturing a Sense of Renewal

At the very end of Jefferson Avenue in Newport News is a diamond. A place that shined with great spiritual hope for African-Americans during segregation.  Pinkett’s Beach at King-Lincoln Park was one of few places black people could go and enjoy the water on a hot summer’s day.  This humble stretch of sand has beenContinue reading “King-Lincoln Park: Recapturing a Sense of Renewal”

A Call to Renunciation and Watchfulness: Maroons & Monastics

In the fourth century, many Christians fled to the deserts of northern Africa and the Middle East to escape worldly distractions and struggle against their temptations. Some were tired of the growing complacency that was creeping into the Church now that Christianity had become legal.  Others had little trust in government protection even though EmperorContinue reading “A Call to Renunciation and Watchfulness: Maroons & Monastics”

Westmoreland & the Path of Humility

Recently, I had the good fortune to attend a diversity training session for my job at Westmoreland State Park. Visiting the Potomac River shoreline is a homecoming for me.  My family and I used to live in Sandy Point in a house owned by Joseph J. Roane, a prominent African-American of the county.  I attendedContinue reading “Westmoreland & the Path of Humility”

Cumberland Marsh & My Need for a Fundamental

Cumberland Marsh Natural Area Preserve is one of those very rare places where the American beech trees haven’t been scarred by a love-stricken vandal’s pocket knife.  Holt’s Creek is a broad hidden waterway inside of the marsh that flows into a thoroughfare that creates  a wetland island in the Pamunkey River.  Once in the woodsContinue reading “Cumberland Marsh & My Need for a Fundamental”

First Day Hike: Starting Off the New Year

There are few things better than to start the New Year off with a (pardon the pun) step in the right direction.  I have had the pleasure of leading the First Day Hike at York River State Park for eight of the ten years I’ve worked here.  When the program first began, only eight hikersContinue reading “First Day Hike: Starting Off the New Year”